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It’s a great blessing that we are able to once again gather together in person.  You are welcome to join us at either our 9am or 445pm service each Sunday where we gather to sings God’s praises, hear the Bible taught and think about how it applies to life in God’s world in the 21st Century, and encourage each other as we seek to build lives for Christ.  Children and their families are welcome at either of our gatherings.  There is a dedicated program for pre-school, school-aged children and junior High-Schoolers.


We would love you to join us throughout this year as we seek to make sense of our place within the rich tapestry of God’s story of salvation for the world.  Our world is story-shaped; the Scriptures are story-shaped.  God has invited us into His ongoing story of redemption and we find ourselves following the story-making, story-telling Jesus.  This year we hope to “make sense of our story” so that we might trust God who is the author of the story, be able to tell the story ourselves and live out the story in our lives.

We hope our church will quickly become your church!

We’re more than a club or a group of friends with similar interests. We’re an extended family, consisting of people of all ages and backgrounds, yet connected to one another through our shared faith in Jesus Christ.




Why don’t you join us on Sunday and find out what it’s like to connect with God in a real and life-changing way.

Church Services

Sunday 9:00am


A classic style of worship anchored in the Prayer Book, but with a blend of the new. We sing the classic hymns along with a selection of contemporary songs. This is church for all ages, and we offer a program for children. Tea and coffee available before church and morning tea after church.

Sunday 4:45pm


A contemporary style of church that aims to engage and inspire people of all ages. There is a creche for infants and toddlers, as well as our “Transformers” kids program for school-aged kids (K-6). On the fourth Sunday of each month, after church, we enjoy a simple sit-down dinner together.

Transformers kids program

A fun and active time for school-aged kids (K-6) to make friends, and to learn about Jesus and what it means to live for him. The kids join the whole church for the first part of the 445 service, and then go off with their leaders for a separate program. They’re also served a light snack to see them through to dinner time.

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